Venture-building is hard

It’s no secret that close to 50% of all starters go bankrupt within 5 years of inception. Whatever be the reason, existing education about venture-building is often not (fully) comprehensible by (inexperienced) starters, who need ‘success with venture-building.’

Venture-building made easy

Not discounting the hard work that still has to go into this, we model the roadmap of business development in an online software service infused with the Changepreneurship Arming starters with knowledge, structure, and personal guidance (optional) improving their chances of building a successful venture.

How it works

The user will follow the steps in the software and gets a personalized roadmap crafted for him based on his decisions and input. The result remains the same, a fully fleshed-out business plan built on industry standard best practices.

Our goal

To simplify venture-building so everybody can be(come) a successful entrepreneur

Why us?

Because we win when other entrepreneurs win


More information

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Yes, on the condition that there is a market-need out there for the venture.