Actioncamera operator

And we go live in 3-2-1..Shit!

Since you can’t be simultaneously in front of and behind the camera, more advanced videos require a dedicated camera operator.  A dedicated camera operator will give your video a professional look and make it more enjoyable to watch.

Man the footage gun

Hiring a camera operator allows our customers to focus solely on their words to deliver the message of the video, knowing our operator will ensure a quality visual.

The process

Phase 1


– Inquire which topics require a video
– Determining the goal each video has to achieve

Phase 1

Phase 2


– Collect information about the topics
– Roadmap collected information
– Discuss with client remaining (missing) information details

Phase 2

Phase 3


– Use (or write) a script
– Shoot the videos

Phase 3

Phase 4

Finishing touches

– Edit the videos into a smooth montage
– Add clarifications where necessary

Phase 4

Our goal

To bring video to where it is required

Why us?

We work with gimbal action cameras for your action shots to smoothly capture footage with speed, agility, and mobility.


More information

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I like to put on video topics that require a bit of interaction. Where the host moves around as he is explaining and talking what he wishes to say. We take the viewer on a journey in a way as if he would be physically there.

With my action camera gimbal, the shots are stable and of high quality leaving no detail uncovered.

No matter if the project is big or small, I can make a video out of it. Preferably the projects involve that the cameraman has to move around (or alongside) the host as well. Feel free to send a message if you are unsure if I can do it.

That depends on the project but always involves a video in tip-top shape ready to be placed on the website or social media. Projects that have multiple episodes will have a video for each episode.