Professional Organizer

Where are the...

Keys? Diploma? That nice dress from last year? So much stuff has accumulated, you know you need to sort through it but where do you start?

Clutter begone!

With a professional organizer (PO) assisting you with decluttering, sorting, and restructuring; your place will look nice and tidy again.

Here's how


¬†During the visit on location we identify the client’s needs & requirements. Additionally, we discuss expectations and note this all down in a small plan of approach. Upon approval, we start.

We execute the work as described, autonomously or together with the client.



After the work is completed the client has a clean, sorted environment to be proud of.

Our goal

For everyone, the space they want to be in.

Why us?

A no-nonsense all-encompassing approach to your organizing needs to be carried out by a person with autism


More information

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On our contact page an appointment of 1 hour can be booked. If its the first time, that would automatically be a location visit. Our contact page is this:

We prefer to operate within 1.5 hours of travel time from Arnhem. Outside that range contact us for a custom deal. Alternatively via video call is also possible.

After identifying the needs & requirements decluttering starts. Every item gets a designation of 'Stay', 'Sell/Donate' or 'Away'. When all the 'Away' is disposed of, the sorting out starts. We always prioritize selling items over donating. Once a clear separation is made, we reorganize as well as rearrange the 'Stay' items so it will be as space-efficient yet convenient to grab as possible. That also means items that belong to each other will be bundled so that everything will have its designated place.