Crowdfunding is Ardous

And more than 66% of all campaigns fail to get (fully) funded. Since manual promotion does not work and humanity increasingly starts to prove unwilling of helping fellow humans we have to find a reliable alternative. We deploy software to bypass the population unwilling to help others to get funding automatically.

Crowdfunding automated

Our software takes over the manual promotion efforts to get you fully funded. Unlike people, software doesn’t get tired, or insulted; it just works on the immense quantities of data and variables required to get funding, pennies at a time.

What we offer

We provide a fully automatic fundraiser software extension for your crowdfunding campaigns on Gofundme. Promoting your campaign on a non-intrusive, rule-compliant basis for as long as necessary until the target amount is reached. We introduce to you Rofund.

Our goal

To raise funds effortlessly

Why us?

We believe fundraising campaigns are pleas. And pleas should not go unanswered. Our tool makes those pleas heard & fulfilled.


More information

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Good question! Let's turn the question around to find the answer. Why do so few campaigns get funded? We found two possible culprits; 

The successful campaigns are run by PR companies paid by clients that already have the money and crowdfund to cut expenses. Stories that convert, working prototypes from the get-go and jaw-dropping visuals or even VR interactions to WOW the crowdfundee the product already exist. As such expertise becomes the norm, anybody that can't bring their own heavy-weight PR team is doomed to fail as he cannot match the expectations of crowfundees. 

Tangible value proposition
Successful campaigns have a very clear tangible value proposition. In other words: 'For-money-you-get-product-X'. This is not necessarily wrong but not all crowdfunding campaigns have a tangible value proposition. We want to emphasize the 'tangible' part here. If no product or service or other kinds of monetary value happens, humans tend to go away because they do not feel rewarded. 

People don't put enough effort to 'promote'
Perhaps, but crowdfunding is meant to alleviate a burden. Aside, existing (free) promotion places are rather small and insignificant for various reasons that promotion is not worth the effort for what is asked for.

The campaign has no 'reward' that is incentivizing
Possibly, but this is optional. Crowdfunding campaigns are also about philanthropy and the reward is a humanitarian one of a monetary.

Our systems are constantly evolving and just like humans, are prone to make mistakes and learn from them. Our intent is to end up with an accuracy rate of about 75%. This means that what the software has set out to do (tasks to raise funds) is effective 75 out of 100 times in raising funds.

Pretty much everything with the exception of subjects that are strictly forbidden by law or cause harm to humans.

First of all you will receive a congratulations email! It's an achievement so you should celebrate. In that email, you will also find an invoice of how much you owe Rofund with a payment link to pay. As soon as the payment is through, the raised funds are to be released. The campaign will remain running and any excess that your campaign makes is yours to keep.