Web Audits

Disfunctional Digital presence

As humanity gets increasingly interconnected, mistakes in the past can haunt clients present and future. Reputation is key.

Fixing digital presence

By our tool analyzing profiles and auto-correct mistakes to enable a flawless digital presence, past, present and future for our clients.

What we offer

Our SaaS tool provides a flawless representation of your online personal through our Hyper-Advanced Artificial Intelligence (HAAI). In addition to providing an advanced monitoring system, it is also able to correct problems found in the following areas with the help of 3rd party plugins.
  • Technical (i.e. disconnections)
  • Visual (i.e. blurry images, headlines that are off)
  • Grammatical (i.e. grammatical errors, typos)
  • Legal (i.e. swearing, racist, sexist)

Our goal

Online persona’s perfected

Why us?

We believe humans deserve a second chance, always.


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Our intent is that it would be. We are however heavily reliant on who enables us to integrate with them through API and the likes. We do want to make it work on any platform regardless of the OS you are using. Truly multi-compatible.

Our software monitors on a continuous basis. For individuals, it's unlikely something is time-critical but for organizations, this can be a different story. We, therefore, let our users decide whether they want real-time updates or are okay with a summary at the end of the week.

In our 'modern' society humans are judged by what they think, say, and do. From a drunken picture in the past the user forgot about it still exists to a not-so-tactful phrase on Twitter. Humans are getting blasted for it and it eliminates a lot of opportunities. Wouldn't it be nice if we can all start over? To have that drunken picture erased, that not-so-tactful phrase being said more tactful. Flawless presence is about reducing what brings the user in discredit one way or another.