Autistic lives Unemployed

Impaired employability reducing chances to acquire and maintain a career, especially as an employee. Resulting in reliance on welfare, insurmountable odds of labor reintegration and deemed cheaper to be written off than to help reintegrate.

Autistic lives employed

Thanks to LCG’s being able to carve out a career path. Entrepreneur or freelancer where necessary, employee where possible.

Here is how


With LCG’s we enable one person with autism (Robert) to co-create and co-developed his envisioned services that will expand his financial stability gradually.
Find and create teams for each of the services spearheaded by the person with autism. The teams are tasked with the execution and expansion of the projects devised by the person with autism.



Real-time showcase of lead-by-success validation that people with autism can earn their own income through the pursuit of (self) employment with the help of LCG’s.

Our goal

To enable every person with autism to earn their own income, preferably through self-employment.

Founder's self-employability (Services)

From ideas to fully fleshed out services that are operational and earning revenue with the help of lifecourse guidance. This is one of the many faces of self-employability and should serve as an inspiration for others (ND & NT alike). 




Team & Positions




85 to 95% of all people with autism do not earn their income despite all efforts & attempts. Their integration into the labor market seems nigh impossible and it all comes down to that how the world works, is not how people with autism work. However, letting them sit idle and live off a monthly welfare income will do no good to anybody. So, if they are unsuitable employees, they have to become suitable employers.


Starting with self-employment because nothing breathes success more than being able to earn your own income. That you need more help than average in order to attain successful self-employment will always be better than sitting idle living off a monthly welfare income.

We believe that every person with autism should earn their own income but unfortunately, not all would be able to. Alternatives to conventional means of earning money have to be found and applied so that everybody would be able to earn their own income regardless of what they do. To us, that is the definition of employability.

That said, a person with autism might not be ready for employability just yet. Requirements as capacity, consistency, and knowing what you are good at can be a journey in itself. The road to employability is an important prerequisite to a successful employability down the line.

Self-employment is appealing to people with autism for so many reasons. First and foremost, you are able to set your own hours and work on your own schedule. You can focus your energy on tasks you're invested in, and ignore the menial (and pointless) busywork that often accompanies a traditional job.