PHB Bureau

Receiving a personalized budget to arrange your own healthcare would be for people with autism the blessing they need. Though some countries have a national system somewhat similar to ours, most countries do not deprive people with autism of the possibility to solve the undesirable impact of their autism in a meaningful and lasting way

The creation of an international Personalized Healthcare Budget (PHB) for people with autism funding lifecourse guidance for applicants with autism around the world. This would enable people with autism to overcome the obstacles their autism brings and enable them to achieve the desired life (quality) they are after.

Here's how


Person with autism submits a request for a Personalized Healthcare Budget (PHB) through our form.

If approved funds are reserved for that person with autism to find a suitable lifecourse guide candidate



Once a lifecourse guide is found they start and payout happens at the end of the month provided progress on goals are written down

Our goal

To provide every person with autism the lifecourse guidance they need

Why us?

We are committed to build an international foundation with an international budget to fund lifecourse guidance for people with autism around the world irrespective if the country they live in has a (functional) social care sector. 


More information

PGB-Application Bureau |

PGB-Application Bureau |


We believe that everything can be solved with money, even handicaps. Not necessarily curing, but by making it so that autism has pretty much no impact on life anymore. Money knows no boundaries and is only limited by the rules we impose on it. Though rules must exist, they must make sense and not be limited accessibility for those in (dire) need.

First of all we ensure sufficiency. We are talking about lifecourse guidance, so how many hours do you need to make to experience somebody's lifecourse? In our eyes, that's between 36 to 40 hours per week. Second of all, we ensure inclusion. We do not make a distinction between what can or cannot be reimbursed. If it helps the person with autism to fulfill his needs on the pyramid of Maslow, it's reimbursable. Thirdly, we ask for goals that are measurable the person with autism wants to tackle. From month to month we check if something can be checked-off. If not, we want to read where or why it has stalled.