Lifecourse guidance education

Lifecourse guidance wild west

Too many (weak) definitions of lifecourse guidance exist and are associated with self-proclaimed self-taught schools on how to help with autism. Quality assurance goes as far as the eye can see and that should be changed. People with autism deserve knowledgeable lifecourse guides

A course to rule them all

Our in-house developed course is designed to turn (aspiring) lifecourse guides into certified lifecourse guides meeting a plethora of quality standards, mindsets, work ethics irrespective of location or (educational) background. The course is all-encompassing and inclusive aimed at becoming the best in helping people with autism from all ages.

Here's how


We create a course designed around how people that want to help people with autism should help people with autism. From aspiring lifecourse guides to veterans, there is something for everybody.

 After completion of the course the lifecourse guides apply what they have learned to the day-to-day lives of their clients.



Both the lifecourse guide, as well as the person receiving lifecourse guidance, are satisfied with how the help goes enabling the person with autism to become successful.

Our goal

To be the sole study that lifecourse guides need in other to do their work

Why us?

Our study and curriculum heavily involve people with autism. Learn from those that are.


More information

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This education is comparable in intensity to what commando’s endure for the army, extremely heavy. Judged on a long list of criteria prior, during and after the exam with a mandatory refresher course every 5 years. You will be primed to be the best of the best in social work helping autistic lives who aspire to be successful. A small selection of criteria prior to your application:

  • An almost limitless pond of mental stamina
  • Extroverted
  • IQ & EQ scoring well above 115 points
  • Demonstrated leadership skills of at least 5 people or more
  • Demonstrated diplomatic and negotiation skills
    Cool under heavy pressure
  • Stable home front
    Stable financial front

We are currently building the training behind the scenes. We want to welcome our first students in 2022 and have the first graduate successfully in 2025. Keep this page in your digital bookmark and check back regularly for an update.

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As a certified lifecourse guide you are able to work with the complete spectrum of autism and its comorbidities. From low giftedness with diverse somatic troubles to the most brilliant of savants and anything in between. You use your knowledge, capability, character, commitment, and drive daily to make autistic lives successful. Starting from their dreams and desires working towards enabling them to achieve it.