Autarky RV's

RV's be like...

A glorified camper van. Currently Recreational Vehicles (RV for short) are only good to camp or tailgate for the weekend but not suitable for full-time living. We believe there is much more potential for RV’s than just camping and we’re going to prove it.

RV's should be like...

RV life should be an autarky, your own self-sustainable, self-reliant utopia on wheels. A mobile spacious home for modern nomads wanting to live, work and play any and everywhere.

Our vision for RV’s is to make them as efficient as possible. Reimaging everything from fuel to utilities and so much more. The RV, your house replacement on wheels!


To create an interactive (VR experience) hyper-realistic 3D model concept RV blueprint where all features and improvements are implemented. The blueprint is being proposed to a manufacturer to see if it can be made into production.

Our goal

To create the first fully autarky RV for the digital nomad lifestyle.

Our motto: ‘Work worldwide, live worldwide’


Why us?

We bring a high quality one-stop solution for the digital nomad lifestyle that works everywhere.


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Our first concept camper will be build from scratch. Over time as we have gathered sufficient field-data we are going to investigate the possibilities of creating kits to 'Autarkify' existing RV's.

This depends on the item that has the shortest shelf-life or is required to be refilled the quickest. Our data shows its either food or (clean) water. Whatever it is, the user should be able to life comfortably 3 weeks minimum and in case of survival (i.e. rationing) this would be extended by another 2 weeks minimum.

First of all its already said in the name. Autarky means self-sufficient. So the processes humans use in order to live we wish to have a (re)generative solution for. Because the more that can be created by the camper the less supplies have to be gathered from the outside. So the camper is designed to be as 'self-sufficient' as possible.

Secondly, its designed for a digital nomad lifestyle. So going to work should be comfortable, distraction-free and sufficiently supported in order to be productive. However after work you want the set up to be moved away out of sight to create that 'home' feeling. And what feels better than having all of that with the push of a button?