Autism explained

To understand what autism is

For NeuroTypicals (NT), autism is as abstract as rocket science and the sheer amount of variable ‘explanations scattered around doesn’t help.

To explain what autism is

A place should exist where Neuro-Diverse (ND) content creators can share their day-to-day experiences in a consolidated manner to the Neuro-Typical (NT) viewers in order to bring awareness, understanding and integration of ND’s in a NT environment.


We founded the video channel Autism Explained as a place where Neuro-Diverse (ND) content creators each get a playlist to post their content related to their experiences with autism and how it impacts their everyday lives.

By sharing their stories the content creators give viewers, NT & ND alike a more encompassing view of autism in a single location enabling a better understanding of people with autism and how they can be helped. 

Our goal

To make autism better understood by NT people.


For NT’s

Somewhere between 1 in ever 80 and 160 people in the world have autism. Chances are you already know someone with autism and you will encounter more in the future. The better you understand people with autism, the better the communication is going to be with them. With your understanding, it will be an enjoyable experience.

If you are interested in learning about people with autism, we understand that searching for information can be difficult. Having a centralized place to get information that also allows you to ask questions and get them answered will allow you to gain clarity in less time than searching other sources for the information.

Finding information online about autism yield a lot of clinical and medical papers that are very dry and don’t show how autism affects daily lives in a way that’s easy to understand. Thanks to our content creators you will get to ‘peek behind the curtain’ to get to experience their raw and vivid stories of living life with autism. When you hear these stories this way you will gain an understanding of their situation that you couldn’t get otherwise. This will open your mind and possibly help find solutions for their situations. 

For ND’s

For the expressive among us, having a safe space to explain what’s on your mind & heart is crucial. We provide this safe space where you can convey your message, judgment-free, in the form of a video. You are entirely free to make the video however you want but some of the most common types of videos we see are:

  • Vlog-style videos with a static device (webcam, phone, DSLR camera)
  • Vlog-style videos with a mobile device (Actioncamera or static devices with gimbals attached)
  • Whiteboard videos (Optionally with real-time annotation)
  • Animated videos

There is no right or wrong way to make a video. Be creative but make sure it works first and foremost for you.

You have an important message in your mind that you want to get on video, but sometimes your creative process can get stuck. If that happens to you our content creation help is available. Our goal is to enable you again to convey your message. Some examples of what we can help with are:

  • Plan of approach writing (Goals, expectations, Research)
  • Script writing & Proofreading
  • Pre-production assistance
  • Post-production assistance
  • After-care (Video description, tags, thumbnails creation, monetization settings)

If you love making videos but don’t want the hassle of managing the online community, we can help with the following services;

  • Aggregate comments and summarize the overall sentiment
  • Monitor your video stats and help you improve them
  • Handle your Patreon page

Why us?

We are the first video channel dedicated to showcasing in an aggregated way the raw reality of how autism and its day-to-day impact is in a non-clinical way.


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More information

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Humans just like you and me but their brain works a little bit differently. We prefer to call them Neuro Diverse and this means they can have various indications but what they all have in common is that their brain has a different modi operandi than most other humans (The so-called NeuroTypicals). We focus on autism and this is a shared experience among most people that are Neuro Diverse.

We wish to bring the facts to the screen. Truth is, autism is a paradox. We post videos of our content creators that are seriously struggling with their autism as well as videos where they state they are doing totally fine. Conveying the stories in a unfiltered manner creates a bond between the content creator and the viewer. A bond of understanding perhaps even relatability. All of this is only possible if the message is being sent in the most unfiltered way possible i.e. the raw reality.

We leave that decision up to the content creators. If they do, they will provide ways to contact them in the description of their videos. 

If they don't, you can always send Autism Explained a message and we will forward it to the content creator if they are willing to get in touch with you.