Help the Minima

Helping the Minima

The minima are the poorest among us, they fall through the cracks of society spending all their efforts to just get by day-to-day life. It is like them asking for water and die of thirst. Bureaucracy fails them, existing poverty-reducing initiatives fail them, fellow humans fail them. If you are a minima it is defacto game over and no help will ever get you (properly) out of this situation.

The real solution is...

Poverty-reducing software that works on behalf of the minima. Fully automated, bringing the executive capacity to help the minima fight their way out of poverty.


To create a suite of digital tools that are fully autonomous, designed to break through bureaucracy and the excessive amounts of manual labor involved with the ability to apply for reimbursements, supplements, subsidies, or applications for work, be that salaried or as freelancer with just one click.

Our Goal

To reduce the number of people that are considered to be minima in the Netherlands by 1% per year.

Why us?

Because we bring executive capacity to those who require it enabling them to fix their quality of life.


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Poverty is rampant around the globe. We initially focus on solutions for Dutch people but some of the tools we wish to create could be applied internationally and we intent do so in due time.

Because human struggles exist because of humans limits. There is the need for a sub-species that can 'do' and can keep on 'doing'. Software is that sub-species that could serve humanity and therefore should do so.

Each piece of software has its own specific eligibility criteria for users but in general if you are unemployed or earn less than the median average of your country you would qualify for the majority of software.