'Stop bad administrators'
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Financial supervision Gone rogue

There are rogue administrators who ensure those whose finances they
manage are always in an inescapable cycle of poverty and/or a state of helplessness. This group serves as a testimony of thousands of people who have become victims of these bad administrators and flawed practices. Allowing these administrators to continue as they have is failing the very group they have sworn to protect. It’s time for a change!

Financial supervision done right

We advocate for the interests of people under financial supervision that they may strengthen their legal position. By taking a tough stance on negligent or unethical administrators we can ensure that people in need of financial supervision will only receive professional, ethical administrators to manage their finances.


To have a quality mark with specific standards that people under personal administration can use to enforce improvements upon their administrators and / or use to find an administrator that fulfills all those criteria to the T.

Our goal

Flawless personal administration for Dutch people

Why us?

The founder as well as more than 3000 Dutch citizens are victim of a flawed system. But instead of holding a grudge, it is turned into something useful such as a public quality mark to empower and enable those under personal administration to single-handedly fix their current undesirable situation permanently.


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Our reverse psychology approach. Even though we make a quality mark for administrators, no administrator dares to voluntarily do all the things to match this quality mark. Why? Because it's tough, very tough. It also favors the person under personal administration heavily. So we provide the administratee with the standards in highly specific detail enabling them to confront their administrator with these standards to enforce improvements.

 Everything bad should be stopped. But administrators hold a very specific position where they decide over the financial well-being of an individual. That's an incredibly responsible task that is being carried out lack-lusterly. The needs of the administratee are secondary to administrator policies or personal opinions causing distressing stories where administrators do more harm than good to administatee. The fact there is a Facebook group of more than 3000 victims is only the tip of the iceberg. The distransparancy in this field of work is enticing for administrators to do the absolute bare minimum which is according to law good enough but in reality, leaves room for a lot of improvement. Being an administrator is therefore inherently connected to being a bad one and bad administrators should not preside over the financial well-being of others.

Our spreadsheet is exhaustive and clear. If an administrator does not do 1 or more of the things on the list they are automatically a bad administrator.