Two people with a disability but not in our collaboration


This is an article that is slightly different from what is usually the case on Necessary Online Personal. To finally come to our conclusion, we must first tell a story. Two people are central in this story. Robert Velhorst, the founder of Noodzakelijk Online and Mariëlle Pax, a silent world reformer in the making. Both have a lifelong handicap, but that has been pushed to the background while writing blog articles.

The beginning

It will probably not have escaped the notice that quite a few blog articles have been written in a short time. Often also quite large and complex subjects. For Robert, these kinds of topics are daily routine, but because of his handicap, he cannot get what is in his head (well enough) articulated on paper, an expression barrier.

This eats up his mental battery that nothing will ever start nor complete. And so the vicious circle keeps going around. The opposite effect is also true. When he achieves clarity in his mind, a very large burden is falling off his shoulders.

And that’s where Mariëlle comes into the picture. She saw more than just Robert’s problem. She saw like-mindedness in the sense of justice behind the quest. A form of recognition for what she has always missed in her life due to her handicaps.

Now that we know a little bit about the characters of the story, how is this going so far?

The start of our blogs

It all started with meeting each other on a Skype call. Exchanging faces and thoughts. Because we had already found each other in the great sense of justice, the topics to blog about came almost naturally. Mariëlle wrote these subjects down and that is how we started blogging after one conversation.

Twice a week, on Friday & Sunday, we write the blog articles. In doing so, more ideas of blog articles emerged that Mariëlle wrote on the list. It is a self-nurturing circle from which we both get inspired.

Our first result

That was the blog article open hiring. Because we both belong to a target group that is known for high unemployment rates, this was a topic that was very close to our hearts.

Our second result

The blog article about abolishing sheltered housing is based on a personal experience of Robert that illustrates a more comprehensive systematic problem. Robert could not express this without emotion because of his trauma and Mariëlle helped with that so that it could stay neutral. A classic example of our title of this blog.

We also realized that blogging alone is not enough. As world reformers, we only achieve our goals if there is also a ‘do’ element linked to our blog articles. Because money drives change, we soon turn to crowdfunding.

How it goes now

Now, a few months as well as a few blog articles later, we are well attuned to each other. We are so attuned to each other that one begins a sentence and the other automatically finishes it.

It can also be seen in our blog articles. The subjects are more complex yet are presented clearly. We add data, evidence, visuals, as well as the ‘do’ element (crowdfunding), which has become an integral part of our blog articles. Everything to create the best possible blog article for the reader.

It might be nice to know which points guide us during the writing of our blog articles;

  • It bothers us or affects our sense of justice (whether or not through personal experiences)

  • We have a goal or solution in mind

  • It feels good when it is at least ‘said’ once.

We continue to write week after week. In this way everyone can access our thoughts and opinion to become or remain inspired, motivated and passionate.

Autistic lives struggle

Autistic people ought to participate in society yet struggle to do so for various reasons. Overcoming their current. undesirable situation without lifecourse guidance (LCG) proves to be impossible. 

The conclusion

What we want to convey to the reader is that having a ‘click’ with someone is much more than just characters that reinforce each other. It also ensures that inherent weaknesses (whether or not caused by handicaps) have less influence on us than usual.

G: Visualize ‘click’ between handicapped people



Time: 9 hours
Written by: Mariëlle Pax & Robert Velhorst