Making autistic
lives successful

Autistic lives struggle

Autistic people ought to participate in society yet struggle to do so for various reasons. Overcoming their current. undesirable situation without lifecourse guidance (LCG) proves to be impossible. 

autistic lives succeed

For 8 consecutive hours a day, the LCG will help autistic people to fulfill all layers of the Pyramid of Maslow within a self-determined timeframe.

Here's how


We give one autistic individual the budget equivelent to hire 2 LCG's whom in total make 16 hours per day from Monday to Friday aiding in fullfilling his human needs as per the Pyramid of Maslow.

Together with LCG's, the autistic individual is able to transform and improve his quality of life by eliminating 90% of his problems in 3 years or less.



Setting an example that with the right help, perspective can be restored, growth stimulated and vigor regained in improving autistic lives. Empowering along the way other ND lives to also get LCG.

Our goal

To make autistic lives successful with the help of lifecourse guidance

Team & Positions

Robert Velhorst

Founder / Autism Expert

Reducing suffering through good systems, starting with the people with autism.








Lifecourse guides (or LCGs for short) are individuals providing comprehensive & inclusive assistance to autistic lives to fulfill & maintain the needs of the pyramid of Maslow. As autism is a spectrum so is the type and amount of help requested all built upon the philosophy the wishes, desires, and goals of the autistic individual are to be met.

There are multiple interpertations of lifecourse guidance going around and although there is no definite winner, we believe that ours delivers the biggest positive change short, mid and long-term.

Autistic lives tend to have so many problems that can't be resolved over a mere cup of coffee (or 10). Therefore in order to help properly, we believe in a heavy-duty approach because taking good care of somebody takes time. It's called 'lifecourse guidance' for a reason, to make hours upon hours.

Quite simply two things:
1. You are diagnosed with autism
2. You are struggling in life (Writing out with what and how often is a pré)

We strive to make Noodzakelijk Online's version of LCG being adopted as the norm by official institutes and embed access to LCG into law.

Autism does not only impact the individual himself. It also impacts the lives of family, friends, and immediate surroundings. Through LCG autistic lives stabilize, therefore becoming a beacon of stability in the surroundings harmonizing the environment, thus ensuring optimal integration into society.