The Netherlands has many foundations. associations, scholarships and other budgets rich to get the people as well as activities that fall between two sides. It is the lubricant of Dutch society. With over 4200 different types of budgets in 2020, there is something for everyone in almost every imaginable category. Only where are you going to find all that 4200?


Jaap Burgstra saw the light 30 years ago and he wanted to improve things for which there was no money. It took another 15 years before the foundation of the current was established. What this platform does is present all those 4200 budgets in one environment in a clear and unambiguous way. Thanks to a simplified application process, a higher percentage of applications were accepted.

How does it work?

It can be compared to in terms of navigation. But instead of products or services, you are now looking for funds and subsidies. You use filters and in the end, you come up with exactly what you were looking for to submit an application.

A warm heart for the initiative

What does for the Netherlands & Dutch. For example, we would like to see other countries adopt an example here and develop a national version for themselves where they can take the Dutch version as an example. This makes it clear all over the world what is possible in your own country and (local) initiatives are more likely to be financed. It also prevents corruption of development funds, as it is clear in advance what the money may be spent on.

What could be done better with fondsenwervingonline .nl?

No platform is perfect, and updates are undoubtedly working hard behind the scenes. Because the founder regularly uses the platform, some recommendations were viewed from the customer experience position. These are;

  • Consolidate database, in reality, there are only about 2100 financing methods, and not 4200+.

  • Not all tags to filter match or are even dated. This makes filtering more unreliable than it should be.

  • Application criteria is sometimes outdated, the founder has personally lost a number of application awards here.

  • It would be better if the revenue model became result-oriented. Successful applications pay a percentage to the platform.

  • The application process can be simplified and above all automated. It would be nice to be able to make the requests in the platform itself instead of working as an aggregator.

  • The platform’s general information can be better displayed with clearer word choices, sentence structure, formatting and tone. All this to filter less and understand more in a shorter time.


The platform fulfills a crucial need in Dutch society and it pioneers in an area that we believe should be brought up in several countries. Nevertheless, the price at 30 euros p.m. is considerable or even too high depending on which target group you ask. The proposed updates are really quality-of-life updates and as long as these have not been implemented, the platform does not come into its own well enough to be considered useful.

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Time: 4 hours
Written by: Mariƫlle Pax & Robert Velhorst