It's not if, but when...

Inventors-block strikes not because you can’t think of the solution but because you lack the resources to turn your idea into a working prototype.  Without help your invention remains stuck in the concept phase of the process.

Two achieve more than one...

As inventor-for-hire, together we make all the difference to conquer that inventors-block and achieve completion together.

What we offer

Help in the broadest sense of the word to get your idea into a validated prototype. Some of the recurring topics include;
  • Narrowing down / simplifying the invention
  • Visualizing the invention (i.e. 3D schematics)
  • Field-research (of prototypes)
  • Testing market adaptability
All in accordance with invention quality standards (IQS)

Here's how


With LCG’s we enable one autistic live to co-create and co-develop his envisioned projects that will enhance his social status gradually.

Find and create teams for each of the endeavors spearheaded by the autistic live. The teams are tasked with the execution and expansion of the projects devised by the person with autism.



Real-time showcase of ‘lead-by-success validation’ that autistic lives can increase their social status through the pursuit of their projects with the help of LCG’s.

Our goal

To put on display the raw reality of autism in daily life.

Why us?

We believe in an all-encompassing end-to-end PO solution for our clients.


More information

Inventorship | Explained


The intent of inventions is to be licensed into a marketable service / good. For that there are no unified standards so we have written our own quality standards. It's important for buyers of the license of the invention to know what they can expect from their purchase. In particular that the statistics and facts of the invention are correct. To guarantee quality and consistency interested buyers can expect at least;

  • A (validated) problem statement
  • A (validated) solution statement
  • A report comprised of all norms and standards including scores applicable on the invention by an independent party (if applicable)
  • A report outlining the (non-financial) worldwide effect of this invention by an independent party
  • Depending on the invention, a working prototype or interactive demo

To interested buyers
Every invention is different, therefore we handle various criteria where interested buyers have to comply with such as;

  • Proven state of service
  • Successes (Pre & Post description)
  • Failures (And why?)
  • A detailed character description
  • Names
  • Non-jail registration proof
  • Proof of sufficient financial assets
  • Starting capital
  • Annual capital
  • Debts bigger than 5% of the annual revenue
  • Has access to capital / loans
  • Proof of team-composition
  • Relationship to each other