Autism-help blueprint

Awareness about autism

Is in no short supply. Names like Temple Gradin, Collecte de Bruin and Gijs Korver all explain what autism is and give generalized insights into how to help people with autism. Helpful, but it’s not good enough.

There is a need for

For an e-book like no other. A one-stop-shop read for all that there is to know to help people with autism. Universally best practices combined with our in-house developed knowledge this e-book brings personalized solutions that just work. The e-book is in ongoing development and will change as new insights become available and are validated. The initial version is planned for mid-2022 to become available for purchase.

E-book like no other

This book will be the most comprehensive source on autism and how to help people with autism that has ever been on the market. It will be  easy to understand & read so everyone will be able to understand and implement what they learn. Some major sections of this book include;
History & Development of Autism

Did you know autism was originally classed as a variant of the schizophrenia family? This and more interesting facts come to light in a complete history & development of autism and its definitions from the earliest records around 1870 until the current scientific insights.

Factors influencing the change of Autism

A complete overview of factors that contribute to autism, why we are certain it is, and how we found out. What is unique is that we will also include pseudo-science (plausible) factors which should be taken with a major grain of salt.

Lastly, we also include factors that are myths or have been debunked including where they come from and how they got debunked.

Solutions to help people with Autism

A comprehensive list of various solutions from personalized solutions to laws affecting continental communities. All of which can be tried to help people with autism, going as far as giving specific instructions.

The critical role of lifecourse guidance

Explaining in great detail how lifecourse guidance plays a crucial role in helping people with autism including a comprehensive quality standards list people performing lifecourse guidance can quick-test themselves on.

Experimental section

Lifecourse guidance, though coined 10 years ago in America, is only as of 2020 picking up attention. Getting it into a fully developed state as well as integrated can take another 20 to 30 years.

As an ongoing developing form of helping people with autism, this section contains the latest (daring) predictions, developments, insights, and estimates according to the co-authors of this e-book.

Our goal

To help people receive the (correct) lifecourse guidance they need

Why us?

Our e-book is to make an end to all the e-books about helping people with autism out there


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Robert Velhorst, the founder of Noodzakelijk Online is personally responsible for finding the information about helping people with autism and defining it into tangible & workable solutions. Lindsay Michelle van Nederveen is responsible for aggregating the information and write it down into a cohesive and readable manner. Together they are a writing powerhouse diving deep into the details on what works and what doesn't for people with autism with an emphasis on how lifecourse guidance is supposed to be.

This ebook is meant to be inclusive and all-encompassing with the intent that it should help people with autism to become successful. Success is for everybody differently defined but it always involved being satisfied with the aspects of the pyramid of Maslow. Though we go through all the aspects there are about autism the real kicker means that reading this becomes a positive change in the reader's life. This eBook is meant to fix on how we help people with autism once and for all.

We do our best but there will always be examples out there that defy the odds. But for that, we have a dedicated section so that those voices are also heard. We do believe that if we want lifecourse guidance to be successful we should talk about all the facets that autistics live face because that's their lifecourse.

Obviously, people with autism should read this. However, change will only truly happen when their immediate surroundings are involved and as such also included are their:

  • Parents
  • Brothers & Sisters
  • Friends
  • Partners
  • Children
  • Teachers
  • Social workers
  • Government
  • Officials

This book spreads a new message about autism. An all-encompassing, inclusive, truly solution-driven solution. Battle-hardened by facts & field-experience all information in the book is backed by research (or in the process thereof). On the flip side, it also provides or advocates for practical solutions that can be implemented the very same day for people with autism.